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The Stogie Geeks Rating System

We have our own unique way of rating the stogies we smoke. We hope that it helps when choosing what you spend your hard earned cash on.

The Ratings:

1 “Lawn Mulch” - Throw it in front of the lawn mower while mowing.

2 “The Angler” - Not bad, smoke on golf course, fishing, grilling, or some other activity.

2.5 “Try One” – Try one for yourself.

3 "The Fiver" - Not quite good enough to drop money on a box but you will want some in you humidor. Here is a situation where the five pack is your friend.

3.5 “Box Split” – Split a box with a friend.

4 "Box-Worthy" - Buy it, try it, smoke it, and enjoy it. Pick up a box if you can.

4.5 "Fight Chuck Norris for Them" – Bring it Chuck!

5 “The Oasis” - Pursue relentlessly. Crawl Across a desert of broken glass to find and build a new humidor to store all the boxes.

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