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Stogie Geeks Episode 30 - Smokin' in Your Birthday Suit

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Stogie of the Week

Aging Room Small Batch Quattro F55 Espressivo

Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Sumatra (2003)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium/Full
Vitola: Robusto (Boxed Pressed)
Size: 5 x 50
Age: N/A
MSRP: $8.38

According the internet, the nine year old wrapper for the Quattro was obtained from a German machine-made cigar company that was going out of business.

This week we are drinking

What We Have Been Smoking

The complete list of all cigars discussed in this segment can be found on the Episode 30 Stogies Page.

Paul's List

See Paul's List, complete with pictures, ratings and mini-reviews on his Stogie Feed.

Tim's List

See Tim's List, complete with pictures, ratings and mini-reviews on his Stogie Feed.

Segment: Understanding The Different Parts Of A Tobacco Plant

Criollo Leaf Classfications

  1. Ligero: Very top of the plant
  2. Viso: Just under Ligero
  3. Seco: Typically used as filler
  4. Capote: Typically used for binder
  5. Volado: Filler

Varieties of Plants



Olor (Dominican): A variety of Dominican cigar tobacco which has large leaves and is commonly used for filler and binder. Olor tobacco can have a distinctly dry flavor, or drying effect on the mouth. Olor is also the Spanish term for "Smell".

Piloto (Dominican): A varietal family of filler tobacco which originated in Cuba but is now commonly cultivated in the Dominican Republic and Central America.

Jalapa Valley (Nicaraguan): A famous cigar tobacco growing region in the North Eastern part of Nicaragua, near the Southern border of Honduras.


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